East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program and Technical Center

Medical Assisting


East San Gabriel Valley ROP/TC

1501 Del Norte Street, West Covina, CA  91790



8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Monday -  Friday

Instructor: Lore Guerrero


8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Monday -  Friday

Instructor: Jennifer Carreño



Certificate Program Description

The Medical Assistant program is Nationally Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Upon recommendation of the American Association of Medical Assistants Endowment (AAMAE), students are trained in administrative (front office) and clinical (back office) skills which include:  answering telephones, greeting patients, updating and filing medical records, completing insurance forms, handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, billing, bookkeeping, taking medical histories, recording vital signs, preparing patients for examinations, collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, basic laboratory testing, preparing and administering medications and immunizations, drawing blood, and performing electrocardiograms.


Prerequisites:  Meet admissions requirements (page 9).


Technology Requirements:  Flash Drive, Stethoscope/Blood Pressure Cuff, Watch with sweep second hand.


Student Outcomes

Upon program completion, the following student outcomes are expected:

  • Earn a certificate
  • Demonstrate the ability to seek, apply and interview for program related employment.
  • Apply for the following industry certifications: NCCT and the State of California Medical Assistant Certification Examinations.


Program Outline

Course Number  Course Title Classroom Clock Lab-Clock     Tuition Cost
MA110 Introduction to Medical Assisting: Law and Ethics 60       $420.00
MA111 Communication Skills 60       $420.00
MA112 Practice Management: Envir, Policies, Procedures 60       $420.00
MA101 Medical Office Administration 60       $420.00
MA102 Basic Health Insurance 60       $420.00
MA105 Pharmacology and Drug Calculations 60       $420.00
MA106 Minor Surgery and Infection Control 60       $420.00
MA113 General Physical Exams 60       $420.00
MA114 Back Office:  Diagnostic Procedures  60       $420.00
MA115 Laboratory Procedures & Phlebotomy 60       $420.00
MA116 Nutrition 60       $420.00
MA117 Certification Preparation 30       $210.00
MA109 Externship   210     $1,470.00
Total Vocational Core 690 210      
Grand Total Vocational Core 900   $6,300.00
        Registration Fee: $25.00
        NCCT Exam: $90.00
      First Aid/CPR Book(9781616694074):  $16.00
Administrative & Clinical Procedures with Anatomy and Physiology McGraw-Hill  9781259197741 $180.00
Workbook: Administrative & Clinical Procedures with Anatomy and Physiology McGraw-Hill  9781259731907 $138.00
Essentials of Medical Language McGraw-Hill  9780083513799 $90.00
        Books: $408.00
    Uniform:  $23.00
    Blood Pressure Kit: $30.00
        Uniform: $53.00
        Grand Total: $6,892.00



Additional Supplies

2015 Annual Completion Placement Licensure Report

MAERB 2017 Annual Report

2017 CAAHEP Certificate

2014 Annual Completion Placement Licensure Report