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Criminal Justice


East San Gabriel Valley ROP/TC

1501 Del Norte Street, West Covina, CA  91790


8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Mr. Deans


Upcoming Period of Enrollment

Now through 10/30/2017

Monday -  Friday


Certificate Program Description

This course provides an introduction to three disciplines in public safety: Administration of Justice, Forensics, and Security Officer Training.  The Administration of Justice topics include the development, organization, and jurisdiction of the criminal justice system; theories of crime, punishment, and public safety.  The discipline of Forensics is designed to give an overview of the role of forensic science and the crime laboratory analyst in the legal system.  Topics include toxicology, trace evidence, crime scene investigation, forensic photography and testing.  The Security Training discipline provides skills that are mandated for registered Security Officers.  Topics include powers to arrest, school security, firearms, and weapons of mass destruction, first aid and side handle baton.  All disciplines are conducted as a Public Safety Academy involving physical as well as classroom training.

Pre-requisite: Pass a criminal background check (within the first week of school).  

Technology Requirements: Flash Drive. Required Supplies: 3 ring binder, tab dividers, highlighters, pens, pencils, and note book.


Career Outcomes

Students who successfully complete 555 hours of classroom instruction and 60 Lab hours with the grade of 70% or better are eligible for immediate employment.  Industry Certifications include: Power to Arrest, Range Safety, Side Handle Baton, Expandable Baton, Tear Gas (Pepper Spray), CPR First Aid, School/Community College Security Officer, Fire Arms.


Admissions Requirements

1.  Must be a high school graduate or possess a GED.

2.   Pass a criminal background check.


Program Outline


Course Number Course Title  
Classroom Clock
CJ103 Policing in America and the Law 60    
CJ104 Forensics & Crime Scene Investigation 60    
CJ105 Terrorism:  International & Domestic 60    
CJ107 Supervision and Emergency Preparedness 60    
CJ108 Loss Prevention 60    
CJ109 Laws of Arrest/832 & Corrections 60    
CJ101 BSIS CA State Mandated I 60    
CJ102 BSIS CA State Mandated II 60    
CJ106 Juvenile Law Procedures 60    
CJ110 Community Classroom  15 60  
Total Vocational Core 555 60  
Grand Total Vocational Core 615


A course is a self-contained unit of instruction.  Students can enter at the beginning of any course and continue in the cycle until completion of the program.


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Tuition and Fees - Criminal Justice

Tuition and Fees - Security Training

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