East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program and Technical Center

Pharmacy Technician



East San Gabriel Valley ROP/TC

1501 Del Norte Street, West Covina, CA  91790


8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


Instructor: Sherrie Moore and Sochil Serpas



Certificate Program Description

The Pharmacy Technician is a valuable assistant to retail or hospital pharmacists. Graduates will be capable of performing all duties of a Pharmacy Technician. Students may accept positions from entry-level jobs after their graduation. Graduates must become licensed by the California Board of Pharmacy to practice as a Pharmacy Technician in the State of California.


Prerequisites: Meet admissions requirements (page 9). 


Required Supplies: Gray Scrubs and White Lab Coat

 Technology Requirements: Flash Drive.


 Student Outcomes

 Upon program completion, the following student outcomes are expected:

  • Earn a certificate
  • Demonstrate the ability to seek, apply and interview for program related employment.
  • Apply for the following industry certifications: Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE)


Program Outline

  Course Title  
Classroom Clock
Lecture Credits Lab Credits Credits Tuition Cost
Intro I Basic Math Skills 30     2     $266.40
Intro II Pharmacy Terminology & Abbreviations  30     2     $266.40
Intro III Pharmacy Math Conversions & Calculations  30     2     $266.40
A Administration of Medications and Pharmacology of the Endocrine/Lymphatic Systems  60 30   4 1   $799.20
B Aspects of Retail Pharmacy and Pharmacology of the Nervous System  60 30   4 1   $799.20
History and Ethics of Pharmacy and Pharmacology of the Respiratory System & Nuclear Oncology Pharmacy Practice  60 30   4 1   $799.20
D Infection Control, Medication Errors and Alternative Medicine and Pharmacology of the Integumentary System and Senses 60 30   4 1   $799.20
E Administrative Aspects of the Pharmacy Technician & Pharmacology of the G.I. and Muscular System 60 30   4 1   $799.20
F Aspects of Hospital Pharmacy and Pharmacology of the Urinary and Reproductive System 60 30   4 1   $799.20
Home Health Care, Pharmacy Operations and Pharmacology of the Cardiovascular, Circulatory and Skeletal System  60 30   4 1   $799.20
X Clinical Externship     180     4 $1,598.40
Total Vocational Core 510 210 180 34 7 4  
Grand Total Vocational Core 900 45 $7,992.00
              Registration Fee: $45.00
              Certification: $105.00
              License: $140.00
              Live-Scan: $70.00
              Query: $4.00
          Total Tuition & Fees:  $8,356.00
  Text Books, Software, and Uniform            Books: $363.00
  Mosby’s Pharmacy Technician Principles and Practice, 4th edition, ISBN-13:978-1455751785       Uniform, Gray (2 Scrub Sets):  $46.00
  Mosby’s Workbook Pharmacy Technician Principles and Practice, 4th edition, ISBN-13:978-1455751808         Lab Coat:  $50.00
  Pharmacy Management Software for Pharmacy Technician, ISBN-13:978-0323075541              
          Grand Total: $8,815.00