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Nursing Assistant Pre-Certification/Home Health Aide/Acute Care


East San Gabriel Valley ROP/TC

1501 Del Norte Street, West Covina, CA  91790


8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Monday -  Friday

Instructor: Vivian Arteaga/Jason Kang/

Arlene Bumgarner

Clinical Hours 6:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Certificate Program Description


The Nurse Assistant Pre-Certification/Home Health Aide/Acute Care Training program is approved by the Department of Health Services. This course enables students to learn the necessary theory and skills needed to provide nursing care to patients in various health care settings.  Basic nursing principles and practices are combined with clinical practice in long term and acute care facilities. Topics include: patient rights, medical terminology, vital signs, resident care skills, nutrition, emergency procedures, death and dying, and acute care.


Prerequisites: Meet admissions requirements (page 9). 


Technology Requirements:  Blood Pressure Kit, Wrist Watch with a second hand.


Required Supplies:  Navy uniform scrub set, white leather uniform shoes, 3-ring binder, dividers, paper, pens, pencils, flash cards, highlighters, white-out, and notebook.


Student Outcomes

Upon program completion, the following student outcomes are expected:

  • Earn a certificate
  • Demonstrate the ability to seek, apply and interview for program related employment.
  • Apply for the following industry certifications: California Nurse Assistant Competency Examination for Certification and Home Health Aide course certification.


Program Outline


Course Number NAP Course Title Classroom Clock Lab-Clock   Classroom Credits Lab- Credits   Tuition Cost
NAP101 Intro to Health Careers, Law and Ethics  30     2     $266.40
NAP119 Body Mechanics/Vital Signs/Medical Math 30     2     $266.40
NAP103 Communication and Interpersonal Skills 30     2     $266.40
NAP105 Medical Terminology, Observation and Documentation 30     2     $266.40
NAP107 CPR/ First Aid / Career For Transitioning  30     2     $266.40
NAP108 Introduction To Nursing Assistant  30     2     $266.40
NAP109 Prevention & Management of Catastrophe 30     2     $266.40
NAP110 Vital Signs, Weights, and Measures 30     2     $266.40
NAP111 Resident Care and Procedures 30     2     $266.40
NAP112 Long-Term Residential Care 60     4     $532.80
NAP113 Clinical Long Term Residential Care   120     4   $1,065.60
NAP114 Employment Preparation  30     2     $266.40
NAP115 Acute Care 60     4     $532.80
NAP117 Home Health Aide 30     2     $266.40
NAP118 Clinical Home Health Aide   30     1   $266.40
Total Vocational Core 450 150   30 5    
Grand Total Vocational Core 600   35   $5,328.00
      Registration Fee: $45.00
      Certification Fee: $105.00
      LiveScan: $70.00
          Total Tuition & Fees:  $5,548.00
  American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid Student Workbook ISBN 9781616694227 $16.00
  American Heart Association BLS ofr  Provider Manual ISBN 9781616694074 $25.00
Hartmans Nursing Assistant Long Term Care 3rd Edition, 9781604250411  $55.00
Providing Home Care, A Textbook for HHA,5th Edition, 9781604250671 $65.00
Workbook: Workbook, Providing Home Care, A Textbook for HHA,5th Edition, 9781604250688 $30.00
        Books: $191.00
    Uniform:  $23.00
    Blood Pressure Kit: $30.00
      Uniform and Required Supplies: $53.00
          Grand Total: $5,792.00


Additional Supplies

2015 Annual Completion Placement Licensure Report

2014 Annual Completion Placement Licensure Report

Financial Aid Options