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Other Funding Sources

You can seek financial assistance through other sources, such as third-party loans, employer reimbursement, Veteran assistance, and community groups and private organizations that offer scholarships and special awards.  Your Financial Aid Administrator will assist you for more information. 

Corporate reimbursement programs

Check to see if you employer offers tuition reimbursement assistance.  Employed students may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through their employer’s benefit program.  Reimbursement amounts vary and are made directly to the student upon the student providing a tuition invoice or receipt and an official passing grade card to their employer.

Veterans Assistance (VA)

If you are a veteran, service person, reservist or otherwise eligible, you may qualify for various VA programs.  Eligibility criteria for military educational assistance and benefits available vary by state and school.

The division of vocational rehabilitation (REHAB)

The division of vocational rehabilitation provides service and financial aid assistance to students with certain disabilities.  To learn more, contact your local Division of Vocational rehabilitation. 

Workforce Investment ACT (WIA)

The department of Labor may provide services and financial assistance to individuals who are participating in their training programs.  To find out more contact your local community Department of Labor. Community Organization funds many charities.  A financial aid representative at the school can also assist you with more information pertaining to the workforce investment ACT. 


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