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Academic and Student Services

Academic Services


The Academics Department at East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program and Technical Center (ESGVROP/TC) serves as the information and guidance hub for students enrolled in the Post Secondary program. The Academic’s Department can provide you with essential services designed to assist you to successfully complete our training program. The Academics Department can assist with understanding your course, and graduation requirements, provide suggestions and recommendations for meeting academic and personal challenges, and keep you on track towards graduation.

The Academics Department is comprised of an Academic Counselor, Dean of Student Services, and Registrar. Each provides essential support services to ensure that you successfully reach your training goals.

The Academic Counselor is available if you are in need of academic guidance, or experiencing personal issues that are affecting your academic performance. The Academic Counselor is also available should you need to take a leave of absence due to a family, or other emergency. If you are participating in any of the many government programs such as GAIN, GROW, GR, DOR, WIA, EDD, or Welfare-to-work, the Academic Counselor is familiar with these programs and can provide you with the documentation your program requires that you submit as a program participant.

The Dean of Student Services is available if you are in need of resources and guidance to assist you in balancing your school with your family life. The Dean of Student Services is also your contact if you are interested in participating in campus leadership programs, student government (Student Council), community outreach, volunteer, and other social, academic, and personal growth experiences.

The Registrar is responsible for accurately maintaining your student record. Your attendance, and progression through your training program is carefully monitored and recorded in your student file.


Student Services


The Student Services office is responsible for the involvement of students in a campus leadership program, and serves as the center for student activities at East San Gabriel Valley ROP/TC. Student Services provides student leadership development, volunteer opportunities and other school and community projects. The Dean of Student Services and the Counselor serve to give direction and to advise students based upon ROP’s Post Secondary attendance, conduct and discipline procedures. Students are assisted in understanding their due process, their rights and the grievance procedures and form.

The Academic Department has a counselor on site that advises and assists students with personal and academic issues.


Student Ambassadors


Student Ambassadors serve as the representative voice that promotes and protects students in the Post Secondary Division and provides the council member the opportunity to develop leadership skills, community relations and a means with which to also enhance their individual resumes.

Student Ambassadors are responsible for activities and entertainment on campus, fundraising, a school newsletter, and graduation. Counseling Services Our experienced counselor provides a variety of counseling and academic services to accommodate our diverse population of students. The Counselor is prepared to assist any student struggling with personal issues that affect their academic performance. The Post Secondary Division Counselor also provides assistance to students with disabilities and special needs. Counseling is provided on an individual basis by appointment. The Academic Department is here for you. The goal is to serve as a support system for you, to ensure your success in reaching your training goals!